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The Mount Cemetery is located on the Mount Road in Burnham, Maine.

Altheia H. Lancaster wife of James H. Lancaster d. July 14, 1862 19yrs 5mon
William E. Lancaster 1853-1925
His wife Eliza E. Whitten 1856
Benjamin L. Lancaster Jun 25, 1896 Ag. 82 yrs 10mon 21 days
Louis N. his wife Oct. 8 1893 70yrs 14 days

Timothy K. Lindsey d.Apr.5, 1900 66yrs 3mo 5d
Hannah H.wife of Timothy K. Lindsey d.Sept.7,1873 28yrs.6 mo
Their son Mellie d. Jan.31, 1870 4mo

Freeman Luce Mar.9, 1801- Aug. 19, 1881
Rosilla his wife d. Oct.31, 1861 59yrs
Charles W. Son of Freeman Luce d. 1854
Hadassahu dau. of Freeman d. Feb.6,1854

Beryl E. Luce 1905-1980

Judith W. wife of Hiram Luce d.Sept 18,1870 57yrs

William McAlister d. Apr.14, 1889 Ag.72yrs 3mo 6d
Nancy A. his wife d.Dec.20,1873 Ag.72yrs 8mo 20d
Cushman B. McAlister d.Apr.25,1876 27yrs.
Cushman son of WM& Nancy McAlister d.Jun.17,1848 10mo 3d

Archibald McAlister d. March 18
His wives Betsey d. May 24, 1854 62yrs 4 mo.
Sara d. April 13, 1872 95yrs.
Hiram son of Archibald & Betsey McAlister d. Nov.26,1851 22yrs 2mo

David McAllister d. Dec.19,1879 55 yrs.6mo
Mary J. wife of David d. Jan 14, 1866 39yrs 18days
Mary Abbie daug. of David R & Mary J. McAllister d. March 2, 1862 10yrs 4 mo
Henry K. Son of David B & Sarah J. McAllister d. Nov.22,1871 2yrs 11mo 10 days

Edward McAllister d.1854-1927
Emma T. his wife 1847-1919
Everette D. son d. Oct.30, 1880 3mo 8 days

John B. McAllister d. June 11, 1865 44yrs 6mo 11d
His wife Racheal d.Dec.4, 1890 68yrs 1mo 2d
John G. d.June 5,1863 16yrs 11mo 16d
Hannah E. d. May 10 1863 1yr 11mo 10d
James Merrick d. Dec.5, 1850 59yrs 5 mo
Mary Ann his wife d. May 7, 1835 42 yrs

James W. Monks1847-1898
His wife Maria F. 1850-1925

Ernest J Monks 1877-1903

James Monroe d. May 17, 1848 21yrs
Lillian Daug. of Francis M. & Elisa J. Morgan d. Mar.21,1887 15yrs. 2mo 22d

George Morgan d. Feb 21, 1875 42yrs 25d

Charles E .1838-1891 Wife Mary E. 1837-1927

Charles 1868-1882

Serapinna Morrill d. July 3, 1860 Ag. 38yrs

Rev. William Morton d. Aug.9, 1864 64yrs
Mary E. wife of William d.July 8 1894 83yrs 11 mo
Robert H. Son of William & Mary Morton d.Jan 7, 1861 28yrs 5mo
Fredrick W. son of William and Mary E. Mortin d.Oct.5, 1855 21yrs 10
George F. son of William and Mary Mortin
of 1st me. heavy Atrillery d.Feb 27,1864 .21yrs 4 mo