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Reynolds, Bell W. 3/17/1917 Burnham, Me. 69yrs 1m 24d Reynolds
Reynolds, Charles E. 3/5/1934 Burnham, Me. 61yrs 2m 12d Reynolds
Reynolds, Elwood J. 7/14/1934 Burnham, Me. 72yrs 6m 12d Mount
Reynolds, Fred 12/11/1936 burnham, Me. 78yrs 9m 20d Reynolds
Reynolds, George C. 2/14/1919 Burnham, Me. 64yrs 2m 8d Mount
Reynolds, Kenneth A. 9/2/1934 Burnham, Me. 1yr 10m 26d Mount
Reynolds, Lila M. 3/14/1934 Burnham, Me 63yrs 4m 13d Reynolds
Reynolds, Mary 1/27/1917 Burnham, ME. 55yrs 4m 1d Mount
Reynolds, Patricia 11/23/1926 Burnham, Me. 0yrs 0m 23d Reynolds
Reynolds, Sallie M. 3/7/1913 Burnham, Me 83yrs 11m 7d Church
Reynolds, Wilbur E. d. 1/28/1944 Wtvl, Me. 73yrs 7m 13d Reynolds
Reynolds, William R. d.10/23/1923 Burnham, Me. 77yrs 8m 22d Reynolds
Sayward, Ellen M. 7/5/1919 Burnham, Me. 45yrs 1m 0d Reynolds
Sayward, Henry w. 6/12/1934 Auburn, Me. 79yrs 11m 14d Chandler
Sayward, John 8/10/1916 Burnham, Me. 72yrs 11m 19d Reynolds
Sayward, Mildred G. 6/12/1918 Burnham, Me. 10yrs 10m 21d Reynolds
Shaw, Sarah A. 8/18/1916 Burnham, Me 71yrs 4m 13d Church
Sherman, Mary E. 12/17/1925 Burnham, Me. 77yrs 7m 0d Church
Snow, Howard 1/11/1914 Burnham, Me. 64yrs 0m 0d Reynolds
Starrett, Margaret H d. 1/26/1928 Burnham, Me 80yrs 6m 13d Church
Twitchell, Arlo C. 9/17/1927 Burnham, Me.53yrs 4m 24d Mount
Twitchell, Eli A. 11/29/1913 Burnham, Me 61yrs 0m 0d Reynolds
Twitchell, Mary W. 6/11/1927 Waterville, Me 76yrs 0m 0d Mount
Vincent, Annie E. 12/5/1934 Somersworth, N.H. 87yrs 0m 0d Church
Willey, Mildred L. 3/22/1913 Burnham, Me. 0yrs0m 2d Reynolds
Willey, Sarah L. 6/28/1917 Burnham, Me. 64yrs 0m 12d Mount
Winn, Charlotte A. 4/5/1916 Burnham, Me. 39yrs 7m 16d Church
Witham, Flavilla 10/13/1916 Burnham, Me. 82yrs 2m 5d Church
Witham, James B. 9/3/1916 Burnham, Me. 86yrs 3m 24d Church
Wood, Bessie M. 11/27/1913 Burnham, ME. 0yrs 10m 14d Reynolds
Wood, Charles W. d.3/13/1923 Burnham,Me. 65yrs 1m 11d Reynolds
Wood, Clarence W. d.7/8/1923 Burnham, Me. 44yrs 11m 8d Reynolds
Wood, Ernest 11/11/1919 Burnham, Me. 15yrs 4m 4d Reynolds
Young, Alphonzo D. d.3/13/1923 Burnham, Me. 67yrs 5mo Mount
Young, Hazel V. 6/28/1913 Burnham, ME. 20yrs 2m 11d Reynolds