Troy Vital Records Book 1

Chandler Joseph of Troy & Nancy Myrick Burnham 2/25/1828
Reynolds Joseph Troy & Esther Reynolds Burnham 5/4/1832
Myrick James Burnham & Mary Woods Troy 12/21/1835
Spring William Burnham Lucy Dunton Troy 12/18/1839
Edmunds Amos T. Burnham & Azubah Green Troy 1/5/1841
Smart Col. Jesse Troy & Livonia Hamilton Burnham 5/18/1845
Hamilton William of Burnham & Caroline Frye of Troy 2/14/1846
Bennett Elhanan W. of Troy & Mary Jane Dodge of Burnham 9/18/1846
Garcelon Elbridge of Troy & Mary Richards of Burnham 11/4/1846
Dodge Archibald of Burnham & Roseannah Mitchell of Troy 5/13/1848
Hamilton William Burnham & Sarah Stevens of Troy 3/3/1849
Reynolds Abner of Burnham & Mary Brown of Troy 10/18/1849
Bickmore Aaron of troy & Sara Reynolds of Burnham 9/4/1851
Nutt William of Burnham & Soloma Garland of Troy 2/6/1852
Call Benjamin of Troy & Sara Coffin of Burnham 10/1/1855
Brann Peter of Troy & Belinda Berry of Burnham 5/21/1856
Green Abner of Troy & Vinnie Berry of Burnham 12/23/1870
Sites Gilbert of Troy & Hannah Jones of Burnham 1/10/1877
Dodge Mark of Burnham& Mary Weymouth of Troy 3/24/1877
Bagley E.E. of Burnham & Nellie Wright of Troy 8/21/1878
Libby W.P. of Troy & Florence Barrows of burnham 9/9/1880
Stevens George of Troy & Ella Blaisdell of Burnham 4/23/1888
McAlister Alonzo of Burnham & Achsah Nason of Troy 9/18/1881

Burnham Marriages Preformed by Rev. John Cook

Allen Elisha of Clinton Gore & Mary Blackwell of Clinton 10/5/1867
Baker Charles & Ellen Dixon both of Clinton 5/11/1877
Batchelder Rial of Troy & Annie Reynolds of Troy 7/21/1889 by Tobias Lord
Beals Samuel & Susan Randell both of Canaan 8/14/1873
Berry George of Burnham & Annette Cook of Clinton Gore 4/17/1861
Bickford Alfred & Christina Dean both of Clinton Gore 6/1/1871
Bickford James of Smithfield & Vilencia Harden of Burnham were m.in Pittsfield 11/13/1870
Buzzell Allen & Mary Ann Wood both of Burnham 10/31/1875
Coffin John & Frances Chase both of Troy 8/27/1876
Colcord Daniel & Katie Gilchrist both of Searsport 1/31/1874
Cook Emery of Burnham & Nellie Reed of Clinton 8/8/1880
Clifford John of Burnham & Ida Weymouth clinton Gore 6/10/1868
Dutton William of Burnham & Emma Bickford of Pittsfield 8/20/1879
Eastman Jacob of Benton & Abbie Dixon of Clinton 10/24/1875
Fairbanks Ryon M. of Manchester & Mary Wilson of Pittsfield 1/25/1863
Fletcher A.G. & Lorissa Cook both of Clinton Gore 1/13/1870
Frederick James & Annie Getchell both of Pittsfield 10/21/1882
French Increase of Corinna & Fannie Daniels of Exeter 12/19/1874
Gerald Rewel & Loantha J. Noble both of Clinton 10/23/1862
Gilmore George & Flora Cole both of Burnham 5/8/1880
Hazeltine Joseph Burnham & Permelia hunt of Clinton Gore 5/9/1869
Hobbs George of Clinton & Ruth Ramsdell of Canaan 4/10/1883
Huff Alfred of Burnham and Laura A. Huff of Hartland 4/4/1863
Huff Franklin of Burnham & Sara Reynolds Burnham 4/4/1863
Hunt John & Alice Reynolds both of Burnham 9/24/1880
Jacobs Wallace & Eva Maines both of Pittsfield 3/17/1878
Leonard Almon of Clinton Gore & Vesta Hunter of Clinton 11/25/1865
Libby Gilbert & Sara Goodside both of Unity Plantation 3/23/1867
Libby Ira of Pittsfield & Lucy millett of Clinton Gore 6/2/1867
Livistone Hiram of Pittsfield & Alma Gerald of Clinton 9/14/1867
Luce Allen & Margaret Hunter Both of Burnham 1/4/1862
McGray Laforest of Unity & Mary Davis of Burnham 12/31/1872
Means Lemuel of Clinton & Hattie Reed Clinton Gore 8/24/1872
Milliken Melville of Burnham & Sarah Cook of Clinton Gore 6/16/1870
Murry N.E. of Clinton Gore & Sarah J. Whittney of Burnham 10/24/1859
Nash Edwin of Auburn & Kate Baedeen of Pittsfield 11/20/1881
Nye William R. of Fairfield & Harriet L. Weymouth of Clinton Gore 7/14/1861
Patten Joseph 3rd & Sarah S. Wilson both of Pittsfield 12/6/1857
Penney William & Ann Reynolds both of Burnham 3/5/1870
Perkins Benjamin F. of Mariaville & Elmira Badger of Burnham 11/4/1861
Preble E.S. of Bradford & Emma Taylor of Gardiner 3/24/1872
Quinby Albert of Minot & Martha E. Rolf of Clinton Gore 10/6/1861
Ramsdale Clark of Canaan & Rosa Pease of Detroit 3/20/1879
Reed Charles of Clinton Gore & Mrs. Betsey Reed of Clinton 10/15/1857
Robinson Albert of Winslow &anna Baxter of Clinton Gore 12/13/1865
Rolf Joseph & Ida Brown both of Clinton 6/29/1871
Simon John of Pittdfield & Emily Smily of Fairfield 9/25/1877
Smith Isiah of Pittsfield & Sara Littlefield of Pittsfield 5/22/1875
Sullivan Daniel of Clinton & Lettice R. hunter of Clinton Gore 5/22/1862
Tilton A.J. & Angie Mills both of Burnham 4/27/1880
Vandeet J.A. of Unity & Lettie Weymouth of Burnham 2/12/1880
Winn Henry & Hattie Fowler both of Clinton 7/15/1871
Welch Charles & Mary Gerald both of Canaan 5/25/1872 in Clinton Gore
Weymouth Charles of Clinton Gore & Olive S. Tuttle of Fairfield 3/27/1865
Weymouth George & Clara Wood both of Burnham 4/7/1880
Whittney Edwin & Lizzie Wood both of Clinton Gore2/12/1872
Wood James Burnham & Julia A. Cone of Skowheigan 2/12/1865
Wood Sheperd & anna Morgan both of Burnham 1/15/1870

Burnham Res. married in Unity, Maine

Edward Dodge and Lucy Taylor both of Burnham 6/30/1839 by Thomas Chandler
Kendrick Myrick of Burnham and Christinna Adams of Unity 5/22/1851 by Tobias Lord
Isaac E. Hill and Deborah C. Newcomb both of Burnham 6/8/1856 by J.I. Brown
Rufus Reynolds and Hellen M. Wood both of Burnham 6/13/1856 by James B. Murch
Simon Prescott and Mary Reynolds both of Burnham 2/10/1862 by E.H. Prescott
Sumner Dodge and Ann Chandler both of Burnham 10/23/1864 by Rev. Isaac Roberts
Amaziah Braley of Burnham and Anna Stevens of Unity 8/31/1865 by Josiah Harmon J.P.
Merit E. Means and Annie Fernald both of Burnham 7/24/1869 by Albert Watson Trial Justice

25 Mile Pond Plantation

William Fords and Lydia Runnels 8/20/1802
Jeremiah Mitchel and Polly Simmons 9/16/1802
David Emery and polly Coolier 10/11/1802
David Vickery and Betsey Simmons 11/14/1802
Willaim Hunt and Affia Murch 12/2/1802
James Myrick and Fanna Dodge 2/12/1803
Peter Chalmore and Lydia Broad 5/27/1804
David Sawyer and Mercy Cookson 9/30/1804
John Stevens and Sarah Bartlett 11/30/1804
William Woods and Hannah Harding 11/30/1804
Samuel Davis and Margeret Garrish 12/20/1804
Simeon Harding and Polly Work 1/3/1805
Daniel Small and Susanna Jackson 2/3/1805
John runnels and Judah Runnels 2/26/1805
Charles Garissh & Wealthy Blethen 3/17/1805
Hanson Whitehouse and Hannah Rogers 3/21/1805