Chandler Cemetery is located on Merlons Cove Camp Road in Burnham.

Several rows of the old slate stones were stolen from the cemetery years
ago. Many of the stones in this cemetery are in poor condition and hard to read.
1 Wooden Cross Stone reads "DAD" 1929-1968

Eunice wife of Jonna Ames d. Nov. 11,1831 57yrs

Samuel 1792-1863
Abby Oberton his wife 1793-1876
Silas Barrows d. Dec.15, 1869 49yrs

Peter Barrows 1830-1906
Sylvania Whitten 1840 - 1924
Erma V. daug. of Peter & S.E.Barrows d. Feb.8,1880
Eda A. daug of Peter & S.E. Barrows d.Oct.17,1880 17yrs

Lilla Barrows 1859-1935
Children of John & Hannah Berry
Martha A. d. Oct 14,1841 2yrs
Robert S. d. Sept. 7, 1847 4yrs
Silas d.Sept 5, 1845 2yr
Edward Sept.1, 1845 5m

Betsey wife of Thomas Berry d. Sept.7,1857 63yrs

Amos d. July 12, 1843
Ethelinda Bowen d. July 12,1843

Mary G. wife of Harrison Bullen d. Oct. 17, 1851 43yrs
Augusta their Daug d. Nov.1854 4m

Julia A. wife of Maurice B. Call d, Oct.11,1889 20yrs
Benjamine F. d. July 12 1888 3m 18d
Infant Daug. d.Apr.18, 1885

Ernest L. Call 1886-1914

Dennis M. Chandler 1848-1921
Adranna his wife 1854-1891
Annie L. his wife 1865-1963

Alberto Chandler 1850-1938
Mary E. his wife 1856-1928
Caddie inf. dau of Alberto & Mary Chandler

Abigail daug. of John & Polly Chandler d. Aug.22,1850 16yrs
Polly wife of John Chandler d. Mar.31,1863 73yrs
John Chandler d. Feb.26,1871 85yrs

Lewis Chandler d. Feb.21,1888
Rosilar his wife d.Mar.18,1882 74yrs
Albert son of Lewis & Rosilar d. Jan.12, 1864 21yrs

Dolly H. Chandler d.Jan.1,1853 52yrs

George C. Chandler d. Nov.`11,1871 63yrs 8m
Ellen M. his wife d.July 28,1882 64yrs 4m

Georgiana Coffin d. Mar.31,1864 17yrs dau. of Eben & Sara Coffin

Mrs. Tuirza I. wife of Eben M. Coffin d. Nov.9,1843 32yrs
William A. Coffin 1845-1916
Elizabeth his wife 1852-1933
Orae Coffin daug. of William & Lizzie Coffin d.Dec.7,1880 3yrs

Edythe Coffin 1892-1979

Florence S. Davis 1918-living
Edward E. Davis 1917-living

Lovenia W. wife of William Doe Sept. 8, 1831- Mar.9, 1910

Watson Doe d.Aug.12,1841 26yrs

James Doe d. Aug.16,1862 69yrs. 8mo
Betsey Doe his wife d. Jan.15, 1860 72yrs

Our dear sister Martha Doe

Artemas S. d. Sept. 18, 1831 - Mar. 9, 1910
Ezelier R. Doe d. Mar.21,1821 27yrs

Miss Sarah Doe d. Nov.7,1820 20yrs.
Mary Olive, dau. of the late Capt. John & Dorothy Dolliff
d. May 21, 1843 aet. 16yrs

Christine Ann Dec.15,16 1960
Nancy E. 1940-living
Richard S.1940-living
Prince I. Estes Me.pvt.4 co. conv. center WWI PH. Oct.12,1889-Apr.26,1963

Athur Edmonds son of Cephas & Ellen Edmonds d. July 28,1886 aet.9yrs

Azubah wife of Amos T. Edmonds d. Apr.13,1879 aet.64yrs
Amos T. Edmonds d. Sept.13, 1890 aet.74yrs
Orissa July 30, 1845 aet. 3yrs 10days.
Salona d. Apr. 8, 1838 aet 6yrs.
Esben d.Aug. 20, 1863 aet. 9yrs 6mos. 23days
Harriet N. Edmonds d. June 10, 1827 aet. 2yrs
Harriet N. d. Nov. 8, 1837 aet. 8yrs
Sarah d. nov. 5, 1837 aet. 4yrs
Ezbon d. Mar. 30, 1838 aet. 23yrs

Ester B. wife of Walter Edmonds d. Apr. 10, 1849 aet. 55yrs.
Walter Edmonds Esq. d. Jan. 3, 1842 aet.57yrs
Esther d. Feb. 11, 1838 aet 9yrs 6mos. 23days
Walter d. aug. 6, 1838 aet. 15yrs
Sylvinia W. d. July 2, 1889 aet 21yrs.
Orren T. d. July 22, 1874 aet. 40yrs 8mos.
Salona Edmonds dau. of Walter & Ester Edmonds d. Oct.30,1842 aet.3yrs
EDMONS Walter T. Edmons 1845 - 1910
Viola Gardiner his wife 1847 - 1925

Wallace G. Edmons 1869 - 1950
Vestora B. Cole his wife 1870 - 1947

Harold T. Edmons 1893 - 1968
Wilhelmine Cunningham his wife 1895 -1989
Llewellyn E.Hazeltine son of John B. & Nancy Hazeltine d. Jan.17,1867 23yrs
John B. Hazeltine d.July 17, 1883 67yrs.
Mary His wife
Julia E. Daug. of Hiram & Abigail Hutchinson d.July 10,1855 15yrs
Ellen A. Daug. of Hiram & Abigail d. Feb.1,1858 21yrs
Hiram Hutchinson d. Aug.4,1875 69yrs
Abigail E. his wife d. Feb.20,1890 86yrs 7m

Lucy R. wife of Jesse P. Farrington d. Aug. 19,1867 52yrs 8m 22d
Jesse Farrington d. Mar.7,1865 48yrs
Melinda A. daugh. of Jesse & Lucy Farrington d. Jun.2,1866 18yrs
Zulie E. Farrington d. Mar.20,1865 22yrs 10m
Ann M. Farrington Daug. of Jesse & Lucy d.Mar.18,1841 3m
Oscar Farrington son of Jesse & Lucy d. Sept.25,1857 1yr 2m

Percy W. WWI Mar.8, 1892-June 10,1970
Emily S. his wife Jan.20, 1905- May 16,1979
Their Children
Dawn 1941-1941 Irene 1943-1943 Claire Goodblood Medal of Honor CPL. US Army Korea Sept.18,1929-Apr.25,1951
Elmer L. PFC US Army Veitnam Aug.11,1937-Nov. 1,1988

George Hancock d. June 16, 1882 59yrs
Willimine his wife d. June 10, 1902 77yrs Stone reads "Best"

Seldon Hancock Apr. 27, 1827-Feb. 11,1907
Sara S. his wife Jan. 13, 1836-Nov. 14, 1946

Luthur Jewett d. Oct.23, 1855 43yrs 7m
Lacitna his wife d.Feb.19,1859 30yrs 10m.

Mary S. wife of F. Lagroix d. Aug 25,1861 64yrs

Irene M. Laundry dau. of Queenie McGrey & Athur Pomeroy d.Jun 29,1904

Tobias Lord 1820-1898
Eliza A. his wife 1825-1907

Melville 1873-1930 Lottie M. his wife 1875-1913

Goodwin McGrey d. Jun.19,1905 61yrs.
Allie G. his wife 1851-1896

Adelbert McGrey d. Mar.19,1871 Jan.14,1947
Edith Wife of Adelbert McGrey d. Apr.12,1906 33yrs

Queenie McGrey Feb 28,1885-Feb.23,1961

Florette 1851-1931
Lemuel F. 1845-1926

Jedida wife of Ezra Mitchell d. Jan.9, 1862 63yrs

Frank B. Moore 1852-1916

Kendrick Myrick son of Samuel & Mary Myrick d.Mar.9,1821 15yrs
Mrs.Mary wife of Samuel Myrick d. May 15,1859 77yrs
Samuel Myrick d. Mar.20,1853 73yrs

William Myrick d. Sept.7,1861 77yrs 5mo

Sarah wife of Nelson S. Neal d. May 29, 1887 71yrs

Jedediah Newcomb d. in CA. July 2, 1852 32yrs 6m
Olive C. daug of Jedediah & Deborah Newcomb

Etta M. wife of Fred A. Page d. Jun.20,1904 37yrs.
Leland R. son of Fred & Etta Page Mar.16,1894-Apr.7 1910

Jane Patterson 1817-1911

Morris L.H. Pennie 1888-1962
WildFlower Weed his wife 1891- no date Daug. of Harford Weed

David Pillsbury Jr. Sept. 7, 1978 son of Mary & David

Stella Rowe 1860-1933

William D. Spring d. Sept.16, 1877 84yrs

Lula M.Sidelinger 1877-1960
Edward E. 1877-1955

Howard Snowe 1849-1914
Sarah E. his wife 1849-1932

John Ulmer d. Oct.15,1869 75yrs

Oliver B. Ulmer d. Nov.13,1896 75yrs 4m
Achsa wife of Oliver d. Feb.24, 1906 70yrs

Loris D. Walker 1895-1941
Ada A. Walker 1862-No date

Evaline wife of Samuel Walls d. Jan.2, 1835 29yrs

William Weed 1820-1900
Julia Hunt his 1st wife 1823-1852
Their Children
Charlotte 1848-1851
Maria 1850-1897

His 2nd wife Cathrine Hammond 1832-1920
Their Children
Harford H. 1855-1907
Clarinda L. 1856-1941
Angela M. 1858-1937
Abby E. 1860-1921
Julia E. 1861-1941
Rufus L. 1863-1933
Florence M. 1867-
Wilmot S. 1872-1895

James son of Samuel & Nancy Weed d.May 4, 1838 21yrs
Nancy wife of Samuel Weed d.Jan.2,1863 71yrs 4m
Samuel Weed d.Jun.4, 1847

Glenn M. Wheeler 1905-1952
Aldeana C. his wife 1909-1992
Charles L. Whitten 1830-1910 Vetren of Civil War
Mary E. Moore his wife 1830-1925
Their children:
Cora L. Whitten daug. 1856-1944
Truman son 1872-1953

Oliver J. Whitten d.Oct.13,1874 70yrs 2m
Benjamin Williams d. Mar.17,1853 86yrs 2m 3d
Anney his wife d.July 1,1853 83yrs

Ebenezer Williams d.July 22, 1832 43yrs