The Huff Cemetery is located on the Mount Road in Burnham, Maine.
Grave Stone Markings

Levi S. Huff b.Mar.5, 1863 d. Jan.16,1922
His wife Grace E. Huff b.June 5,1879 d.Jan.9,1964
Their son Adrian G. Huff b.May 14,1904 d.July 21,1932
(Son of Levi and Grace)Manley H. Huff Sr. b.1905 d.1971
His Wife Doris M. Huff b.1905 d.1991
(Mother of Doris)Florence Dyer b.1895 d.1972
Their Children (No Stones)
Robert and Ruberta Huff(Twins)1933
Dorathy Huff (Infant)1937
Mary and Marie Huff(Twins)1939
(Son of Levi and Grace)Amasa Huff b.1894 d.1919
His wife Gladys Allen b.1898 d.1975
(Their son)Amasa Huff b.4/12/1920 d.1/6/1983
(Son of Levi and Grace)James H. Huff b.1896 d. 1932
His wife Gladys Ellingwood
(Their son)James H. Huff b.1918 d.1982
(Son of Levi and Grace)Charles A. Huff b.1899 d.1946
His wife Hazel Huff b.1906 d.1975
Their Children(No Stones)Levi Huff b.1931 d.1991
Stanley Huff b.1945 d.1992
(Grandson of Charles and Hazel Huff)Charles A. Huff Jr. b.1955
(Granddaughter of James and Gladys Huff)
Julie Henry b.2/5/1959 d.9/9/1988