Nathen E. 1894-1961 son Edmond Earl 1937-1937

Edmond Raynolds 1938
Luciuse Reed Apr.20, 1895-July 25, 1911
Helen A. Feb. 16, 1849- Jun. 29, 1894

Moses Y. Richards US Navy

(Listed on same stone, next 4 lines)
Jesse Reynolds Oct.19,1839 - July 13, 1890 Mary Carr Reynolds Sept.26,1861-Jan.27,1916
Mervin W.Reynolds Oct.26,1880- Feb.28,1931
Cora E. Reynolds Dec.31,1877- Apr 9,1976
Arthur G.Reynolds Oct.9,1883- May2, 1977

Christania daug. of John & B. Reynolds
John Reynolds d. Sept.12 1869 Ag.72yrs
Betsey his wife d. Jun.11, 1890 Ag.85yrs 10 mo

Joshua R. Reynolds 1890-1973
Cora S. his wife 1892-1963
Their sons Joshua Jr. 1927-1931
Alton A. 1920-1978
Kenneth A. 1932-1934
Lewellyn F. 1917-
Daugh. Hazel E. 1922-

Esband E. Reynolds d. July 28, 1876 40yrs

George H. Reynolds d. Sept 24, 1870 35 yrs
Sarah J. his wife d. July 28, 1873 33yrs 5mo 11 d

Thankful wife of Joshua Reynolds d. Jan.26, 1873 49yrs

Arthur W. son of Joshua & Adelia A. Reynolds d. Feb 22, 1874 6mo 10d
Nellie B. daugh.d. April 15, 1875 4yrs 2mo 15 d

Christopher Reynolds died at Ship Island Miss. May 18, 1862 Ag.38 mem.co1 14th
Edson P. Reynolds d. Sept. 15 1855 Ag.1 yr.2 mo
Augusta Reynolds d. July 23, 1862 1yr 6 mo
Children of C & Susan Reynolds

Wilber F. Reynolds 1858-1922

Eli son of William and Anna Reynolds d. Dec.16,1848 Ag.9 yrs 9mo 10d

Mrs. Mariah wife of Amos Reynolds d. Jan.30 1845 27yrs 8mo

Moses Y. Richards US Navy

Harriet M. wife of William M. Rolf d. Jan.2, 1869 38yrs 7mo

Bina Seribner dau. of Albert L & Sara J. d. Apr.21,1873 12yrs 2mo

George F. Sherman d.1838-1910
Mary E. his wife d.Jan 16,1890 44yrs 4 mo
Margret E. Dau.of George & Mary Sherman d.March 22, 1902 17yrs 2 mon.
Davie N. Sherman son of George E.& Mary Sherman d. Apr.16, 1887 11yrs 5mo

Maria D. wife of A.F. Southard d. May 26, 1874 24yrs 7 mo
daug. Britta Mart. d. April 27, 1874 8mo

Andrew J. Tilton d.Nov.15,1881 28yrs 5mo 23d.

Alice M. Tilton daugh. of Fred H. & Olive A. Tilton d. Sept.13,1889 4mo.
Ella B. wife of Eddy G. Trask d.Apr.2,1886 31 yrs

Josiah Twitchell d.Nov.13,1850 Ag.71yr 4mo
Mary Twitchell his wife d.Oct.13,1868 27yrs. 10mo

Gershom Twitchell d. June 17,1826 - Apr. 8, 1896
Nancy S. Spring his wife Apr.23,1826- May 26, 1892
William J. son of Gershom & Nancy Twitchell d. Dec.13,1870 22yrs 1mo 7d

Gershom Twitchell Jr. Jan 17,1855 Nov. 25, 1899
Mary E.Twitchell Sept.23,1850- June 11,1927
Harold L.Twitchell Jan 2, 1892 May 7, 1893

Haskell E. Twitchell Apr. 1, 1850- July 29, 1896

Martin Vanburen d. Oct.2. 1838 10mo

Abby A. wife of Emery Whitten passed away Jan.19,1904 35yrs 11mo,

Oshea B. Whitten d. July 31, 1887 17yrs.

Julia wife of Warren Willey d. Feb. 7, 1831 37yrs.

Lizzy A. wife of Jefferson Wood d.Oct.5,1873 Ag. 23yrs 3mo
Bertram G. son of JH & Lizzy Wood d.Dec.18,1887 15yrs

Walter Wood June 14, 1857 - Sept.20, 1930

Semandel son of Ezekiel & Sara Wood d. Feb. 3, 1864 19yrs
Ezekiel D. Wood July 11, 1882 63yrs.7mo
Sara J. his wife d. Apr.15, 1877 55yrs

George F. Wyman Apr. 6,1849- June 2,1939
Ella C. His wife Jan.9,1859- Mar.25,1910

William H.Wyman Co.K.1st me.reg. June 2,1878- Sept.21,1892
Daniel b. Feb.8,1888- Feb.11,1904
John E. 1886-1962

Leander Young 1869-1956
Hattie Flewelling his wife 1868-1935
Archie L. Young son of Leander & Hattie Young d.Oct.4, 1808 12mon.4 days

Eugene Young 1857-1935
Clara J. 1858-1888

Martin Young 1886-1941
Baby 1888-1888

Ann Young No dates
Ray O. 1903-1960

Fred L. Young Dec. 25, 1853- Feb.21 1925
Carrie A. His sister May 26, 1866- Mar.20 1938

Moses Young 1820-1881 On the bigger stone dates are different 1821-1881
Florina 1833-1888 dates are also different 1837-1881
Alphonzo D. Young 1855-1923
Jane S.1864-1932

Burnham, Maine: